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We have been trading antiques and furniture for nearly forty years. We specialise in luxury English dining sets - both formal and farmhouse / rustic.
We have a large showroom just outside of Potters Bar in Hertfordshire (25 minutes north of London) which is open to the public. Please come and pay us a visit we would be happy to show you our large range of dining sets where you can try them out for yourselves.
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Victorian Table - Pedestal Tables - Refectory Table - Regency Table

For one of the most delightful collections of Antique tables and chairs you will be glad to know that you have arrived at the right place here at English Dining Furniture. We are one of the most appreciated stockists of fine crafted antique furniture and offer over 40 years of experience, knowledge and commitment to sourcing the very best examples of Antique tables from many different periods. Choosing to purchase a Victorian Table or Regency Table for example, you will be amazed at the sheer quality of our wide and diverse selection available.

With a superb array of dining tables in many different highly collectable hardwood designs such as ornate walnut table designs, you can easily find the perfect addition for your home or company boardroom with the vast range of individual and bespoke hand crafted tables that you will discover here at English Dining Furniture. We boast a fine selection of pedestal tables that have been a popular conception throughout the ages, leading to many absolutely stunning designs being manufactured by some of the leading furniture craftsmen and artisans spanning past millennia.

Walnut Table - Antique tables

In addition to the many pedestal tables that gained their name from the usually single, central support which often can be seen to be a wonderfully ornate and sumptuously hand carved leg. Offering many superb design choices including a choice of walnut table designs following the pedestal tables popularity across the last 200 -300 years, this key design within many Victorian table models, reflected the sheer extravagance and beauty that these eras bestowed.

In the same manner, one of the most stunning collections of refectory table examples that originally would have dated back several hundred years to their original settings within medieval times can be found here at English Dining Furniture. The Refectory table would have been used as a communal dining table found in many monasteries and churches, later found in farmhouse kitchens across the world. There is now a fabulous chance for you to own a stunning and ornate piece of antique furniture for your very own home in one of the many Regency table and Refectory table designs found within our online store and our Hertfordshire based warehouse in Potters Bar.

Whatever the style of antique tables you may be searching for, you can rest assured that with English Dining Furniture, you will make the right impression and gain the assurance of receiving a timeless classic piece of dining furniture that will withstand the test of time for many future generations. With many varieties available in a range of solid wood finishes such as oak, cherry and our unmistakable walnut table collections, you can only truly appreciate these fine outstanding artisan creations up close and personal. Find one of the finest collections of pedestal tables and other timeless Victorian table designs here in addition to the amazing variety of Regency table designs now in stock. All pieces are original antique items and offer an extremely high build quality and dedicated designs and bespoke carved accenting to offer truly spectacular pieces. Discover the whole range today.

Dining tables chairs - Dining Tables - Dining Sets

In addition to the wide selection of dining tables and extending dining tables found here at English Dining Furniture, we are one of the leading suppliers of antique dining sets for almost any home or dining area. Offering a sumptuous look into the past and the high quality experienced in bygone eras, the many dining table sets found within our online catalogue and our warehouse and showroom facilities based in Potters Bar in the wonderfully rural Hertfordshire.

When searching for dining tables chairs and other accessories to make your dining room a focal point within your home and superb topics of conversation at your next dinner party, look no further than here at English Dining Furniture. Our aim over the last 40 years was to bring you an unprecedented collection of fine antique furniture from across the UK and other overseas locations made famous for their well appreciated furniture designs and craftsmanship. We offer Dining tables chairs and ornate items from culturally rich countries such as France, Spain and of course England, celebrating the many wonderful acclaims to sheer amazing devotion to high quality craftsmanship and bespoke artisan furniture designs.

One of the most professional suppliers of quality antique dining tables and dining sets, here at English Dining Furniture; you can expect to find only the best examples for your home. The time is taken to provide a high quality service when deciding on a particular purchase of one of the many dining table sets, providing an expert and highly personal service to ensure your total satisfaction. We stock a wide array of extending dining tables to match any interior decor and offer excellent and ornate designs to use within the home or office boardroom.

Whatever style you choose, you can discover a wide range of antique dining furniture in an array of natural hardwoods which will appeal to many individual tastes and requirements. You can rest assured that you will be investing in some of the highest quality furniture that will continue to offer many years of use and remain as beautiful as the day you made your purchase.

Ladderback Chairs - Mahogany Chairs - Windsor chair - Farmhouse Furniture

Through history there has been many takes on different chair designs, from the richly ornate, featuring hand carved features and fine craftsmanship to the simple and quietly sublime. Here at English Dining Furniture, you will be amazed at the range of beautiful Ladderback chairs that can be matched with a fine selection of our period dining tables. In addition you can find an amazing array of chairs from oak and mahogany chairs to the accentuated curves of the traditional Windsor chair. Making the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room, the farmhouse furniture now available at English Dining Furniture has to been seen to be appreciated.

Offering fine craftsmanship and available in a range of different antique hard woods including Yew Wood, Cherry Wood and Oak, we make it our business to source the very best examples of these timeless classics to provide you with the finest choice and selection of fantastic period dining chairs and furniture. Offering detailed carvings and other fascinating design ideas within each bespoke piece, you can witness and understand the time and energy that was crafted into each and every chair, table and piece of furniture.

Once found common place in many homes, the Ladderback chair has made a surprising comeback, becoming a fond favourite design in many dining rooms, kitchens and company boardrooms across the UK. Our warehouse and showroom is stocked with some of the most adorable farmhouse furniture for the simplistic connoisseur to the aficionado of elaborate and solidly built antique furniture. With over 40 years of antique furniture experience and knowledge in sourcing these amazing items, you can be sure that we can meet your demands for fine crafted painted or varnished Ladderback chairs to suit your requirements.

Not just this but with an extensive selection of Spindleback and Windsor chair variations, there are countless possibilities that you can achieve with our assistance. To view the full range of Oak, Cherry, Yew and Mahogany chairs on display here at English Dining Furniture, contact our trained experts, view our catalogue online or arrange a visit to our premises where we can offer further information and give you a chance to see your chosen purchase in person.